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The mountains are as far as the sky, while the deep forest shrouded in the mist. When I’m riding the wind among thousands of islands, looking far into the distance, the house appears like a wonderland up on the hill.

--- 林圭佳栋

--- Guijiadong Lin

▼ 岐院意象,Qiyuan imagery ©林圭佳栋



Qiyuan, as the name suggests, is a small courtyard between mountains and rivers. The project designed by Shanghai Parallect Architecture Design Studio is located on the hillside of Wuzhuang Village, Linqi Town, Chun"an County, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 40 kilometers away from Qiandao Lake Town. Chun"an County has a long history, with human activities in the Neolithic Age. The client is a cheerful uncle who was engaged in business in his early years and now loves motorcycle travel with a group of friends. After these rich experience, he resonated with the mountains and rivers in this land, and decided to stop and live here.

▼ 雪中的五庄村,Wuzhuang Village in the Snow ©岐院


It has a mid-subtropical monsoon climate, which is warm and humid, with abundant rainfall, cool breezes in summer and snow in winter. Local residents mostly rely on farming and fishing for a living. The building is on the mountain, in front of it is the farmland terrace, then a green lake, and finally a dense forest. The natural endowment and humanistic scenery have created a picture of Shangri-la between mountains and rivers. This also determines the 900 intention and keynote of architecture, landscape and interior design: to focus on the scenery,convey the emotions by the scenery.

▼ 雪中的岐院 a,Qiyuan in the Snow a ©岐院

▼ 建筑、农田、绿水、青山,Building, farmland, water and mountains ©徐英达,黄迪


Qiyuan consists of three buildings spread out in a row, with a linear layout parallel to the landscape, aiming to maximize the view side to the landscape in front. Regarding the relationship between the environment and architecture, we do not want this design to be buried in the jungle, but to communicate with the environment in the form of architecture, so that space, man-made environment, and natural environment can reach a delicate dynamic balance.

▼ 湖面映射天空,还有建筑与山,The lake reflects the sky, but also buildings and mountains ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 清晨 a,Early morning a ©徐英达,黄迪



The main interface of the building is like a few large building blocks lined up in a row. We insert different types of guest room spaces into the most concise blocks to highlight the sense of order.

▼ 立面图 a,Elevation a ©上海平介建筑设计事务所

▼ 立面图 a,Elevation a ©上海平介建筑设计事务所


The change of the façade reflects the interaction between different functions of the interior space and the landscape. In the design, the corridors and platforms between the guest rooms, and the windows and terraces of the guest rooms naturally form a dynamic façade, the volumes of several buildings with similar storey heights will not cause visual congestion: the light and shadow changes formed by the staggered front and rear white walls, the glass reflection, indoor lighting, and the vegetation in the back hill are the unique and wonderful rhythm between modernist architecture and nature.

▼ 立面分析图,Elevation analysis ©上海平介建筑设计事务所

▼ 建筑立面与环境,Building and environment ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 节奏,Rhythm ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 立面图 b,Elevation b ©上海平介建筑设计事务所

▼ 建筑背面,Back of the building ©徐英达,黄迪



Window is one of the most important topics in the whole design: the intersection of architecture, internal space and external environment on this element determines the shape, spirit and function distribution of the building to a large extent. We hope when visitors enter the room, they can see and feel the natural scenery immediately.

▼ 天窗、景窗,肆意涌入房间的景致,Skylights, windows, the scenery pouring into the room wantonly ©徐英达,黄迪


The position, size, and orientation of the windows depend on the scenery in front of them. Each window is a viewfinder, which brings the mountains, water and sky into the room to the greatest extent, and we call this strategy “follow the nature”.

▼ 景窗,“顺其自然”,Windows and scenery, “follow the nature” ©上海平介建筑设计事务所

▼ 客房一角,Corner ©徐英达,黄迪


On the one hand, the design is constantly emphasizing the importance of the element "window", and on the other hand, we hope toreduce its presence as much as possible. We even hope that the "window" itself (window frame, glass, seam) is not perceived. Therefore, in terms of detail design, we try our best to weaken the window frame and seam by making use of the structural occlusion, curtains, platforms and other elements, so that it "doesn"t exist".

▼ 没有窗的空间,A space without window ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 天窗,Skylight ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 前院 a,Forecourt a ©徐英达,黄迪



There are 15 rooms, in total 7 different types, in the three-storey building to meet the space needs of different types of guests, including parents and children, families, couples, and the elderly.

▼ 房间类型,Types of guest rooms ©上海平介建筑设计事务所

▼ 1层平面图,1st floor plan ©上海平介建筑设计事务所

▼ 2层平面图,2nd floor plan ©上海平介建筑设计事务所

▼ 3层平面图,3rd floor plan ©上海平介建筑设计事务所

▼ 亲子房 a,Parent-child room a ©徐英达,黄迪


The interior space is based on "lightness" regardless of the selection of materials or techniques. Most of the walls have plain texture coatings, which are partially combined with elm wood and rammed earth texture coatings torepresent functional nodes. Furniture also pursues the beauty of simplicity and pure geometric composition.

▼ LOFT客房 a,Loft room a ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 情侣房,Couple room ©徐英达,黄迪


Under the unified material tone, different rooms have unique spatial characteristics according to different factors such as the age and number of guests, for example, the kids box in the family room; the starry skylight in the couple"s room; the public multi-level platform in the family suite that can accommodate 4-6 people, this public space aims to trigger new type of communication and interaction among family members who are familiar with each other.

▼ 家庭房 a,Family room a ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 亲子房 b,Parent-child room b ©徐英达,黄迪


Under the epidemic, Qiyuan provides a destination for different people, young people who are eager to escape the city, motorcycle enthusiasts, pulp board enthusiasts, families, couples in love, torediscover nature, or escape for a short time. In short, a place to discover the possibility of another life.

▼ 凌晨5点,5 am ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 雪中的岐院 b,Qiyuan in the Snow b ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 浆板爱好者,Pulp board enthusiasts ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 前方的茶田,Tea field ahead ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 前院 b,Forecourt b ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 俯拍,Overhead shot ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 从对岸密林间窥见岐院 b,Peeking into Qiyuan from the dense forest on the other side b ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 建筑体块,Mass ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 家庭房 b,Family room b ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 清晨 b,Early morning b ©徐英达,黄迪

▼ 亲子房 c,Parent-child room c ©徐英达,黄迪